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Affordable Dental Implants For Everyone

Dr. Bramanti is committed to doing more to make low-cost dental implants available to everyone who seeks to improve their health and quality of life.

18,000+ Successfully Placed Dental Implants

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Experience and education matters. Don’t settle for anything less than best.

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Dr. Bramanti’s capabilities are unrivaled and backed with the latest advances and technology.

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As a recognized expert in the Central Valley, we stand by our work from start to finish and beyond.

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Dental Implants in Fresno

Over 10,000 San Joaquin Valley Residents have placed their trust and confidence in Dr. Bramanti's remarkable skills and expertise, obtaining highly satisfied, lifelong, dental implant results.

Dr. Thomas E. Bramanti has established a premier practice and prestigious academic career providing the best care available. With unmatched expertise, Dr. Bramanti brings skills that offer the most advanced and comprehensive periodontal and dental implant treatment solutions that exist today.

Dr. Bramanti and his entire staff are dedicated to provide you & your family with the highest standard of care. You can expect to be offered the highest quality of thoughtful care, gentleness, kindhearted compassion and extraordinary knowledge.

Exceptional Quality and Remarkable Treatment Insights

Dr. Bramanti is committed to doing more to make low-cost dental implants available to everyone who seeks to improve their health and quality of life.

Dr. Bramanti has incomparable expertise in implant dentistry and has been recognized as the Dental Implant Expert in Fresno.

Experience exceptional precision and lasting treatment solutions our state-of-the-art with periodontal therapies.

Superb diagnostic and therapeutic abilities for treating TMJ, migraine headaches and facial pain disorders.

“I would like to offer you affordability and exceptional quality as you explore treatment possibilities using dental implants.”

Meet ​Thomas E. Bramanti, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Bramanti is uniquely trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of disorders of the mouth, face, and jaws. His expertise encompasses: routine and advanced therapies, precision dental implants placement, unparalleled bone grafting results, and beautiful reconstructive gum replacement procedures, and extraordinary skills managing TMJ conditions. His expertise also extends to exceptional management of oral infections and  oral pathology. It is well established that there is a strong link between oral health and general (systemic) health. Dr. Bramanti deeply understands this relationship and takes whole body health into consideration for every treatment. He not only looks at what is affecting your teeth, gums, bone and joints, but he also considers systemic issues that could be contributing to your oral conditions and how precise treatments may improve your general health.

Dr. Bramanti makes it his priority to ensure that you are fully informed, have been given the full spectrum of choices, and that you understand your treatment plan and follow-up care. He will outline all the treatment options available in a way that you can understand and take the time necessary to answer any questions so you can make your dental treatment decisions with confidence. His focus is on clarity of understanding your condition and treatment paths bringing you peace of mind. From your initial consultation to follow-up, Dr. Bramanti is dedicated to your comfort and care.

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Unequaled Expertise

Dr. Bramanti has performed thousands of dental implants and periodontal procedures over 37 years and perfected his skills to bring his patients remarkable results that you can rely on.

University-Level Excellence

We seek to provide the best evidence-based dental implant and periodontal therapies to our patients by utilizing proven advances and state-of-the-art technologies.

Serving the central valley since 1994

A Scholar and Pioneer Providing Exceptional Collaborative Care

Dr. Bramanti has remained at the forefront of emerging technologies and techniques within the specialty of Periodontics, Implant Dentistry and TMD Therapy. He offers minimally invasive solutions, making them the ideal choice if you have missing teeth, gum disease, desire periodontal plastics or need TMJ therapy.

Get a Second Opinion

Our clinical expertise will help you understand the implications and appropriateness of your treatment results.

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We work cooperatively and in tandem with the best dentists and specialists to provide you with the best access to care possible.

Dual Board-Certified in Periodontology & Dental Implant Dentistry

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Affordable Dental Implants for Everyone

Dr. Bramanti is committed to helping the Fresno community during this difficult economic cycle by offering dental implants at a cost well below $2000 each. Currently, Dr. Bramanti is offering low-cost dental implants, for a limited time, at just $1800 each.

At a time where most dental practices are raising their costs for dental implant treatment, Dr. Bramanti has lowered his cost to help you find an affordable solution to your dental implant needs. Don’t overpay for dental implants.

The average cost of dental implants in Fresno and the surrounding area is $2500-$3,000 or higher for each dental implant. The total cost of dental implants depends on several different factors, including how many teeth need replacing and where they’re located, the number and type of implants, and whether any additional procedures are necessary to prepare your mouth for the implants. Since dental implant treatments are customized for your specific needs, the costs vary accordingly. An evaluation by an experienced Board-Certified Dental Implant Expert, like Dr. Bramanti, is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most affordable and accurate cost estimate for quality dental implant work.