Superb Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Bramanti has successfully served well over 10,000 delighted Central Valley residents with dental implants that last a lifetime. Having placed over 18,000 dental implants resulting in fabulous results over 39 years, Dr. Bramanti is the best choice for dental implants. You will have the  assurance and confidence of knowing  that the dental implants placed by Dr. Bramanti will provide you with lifelong function and stability. His vast experience and skilled understanding of dental implant biology and factors that lead to long-term results are pillars of success that define his Dental Implant Specialist practice. Dr. Bramanti is so confident in the success of his work, that he stands behind the success of your dental implant and warranties most dental  implant loss, if it ever occurs.

Office Experience And Staff

"Dr. Bramanti is such a knowledgeable and caring dr. His staff are all so friendly and kind. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I know I can trust his knowledge and expertise by the outstanding, genuine character that he exudes and his desire to help others. Thank you Dr. Bramanti and staff for blessing the Central Valley with excellent, trustworthy periodontal services!"
"I have had a lot of bad experiences. HOWEVER, Dr. Bramanti, Jai and the entire staff was amazing. I can not recommend them enough. Thank you, thank you for making my experience so wonderful. I will be back should I need an implant again!!"
"Dr. Bramanti was caring and considerate of my condition and offered me the best treatment recommendations. I had bone grafting with dental implants. The procedures were painless and I healed easily. The final result is excellent. The staff were tender to me, well trained and very helpful. I highly recommend this office for anyone looking for a gifted and truly caring doctor."
"WONDERFUL! in every way. Very professional consulting prior to the surgery - successful and impressive surgery - caring aftercare - very personable - the healing process was fast and without any problems. Thumbs up to Dr. Bramanti and his team!"
"I am so impressed with the expertise and professionalism of this office. It is amazing to see how much joy and compassion they put into this practice."
"I had the best experience and treatment from Dr. Bramante. He and his staff really care about you and your treatment. I would highly recommend him."
"I was amazed at how thorough and capable Dr. B was throughout the entire treatment I received. He is a real pleasure to be with, even under such anxious circumstances! I had bone grafting and several implants placed. He worked closely with my dentist and the final result was outstanding. Very happy. The staff was excellent and always helpful. If you are nervous or uncertain about implant treatment, this is the dentist for you."
"I cannot rave enough about my experience in this practice. The time and care given by Dr. Bramanti and staff is outstanding. My treatment was painless, the Dr. and staff were caring and supportive and I am happy to have my implants and teeth. I was afraid at first but the implant surgery was so easy I did not even hurt! The treatment was more expensive compared to other doctors in the area, but well worth the expense. This practice is the most caring place I have ever been. Dr. Bramanti listened to my concerns and helped me choose treatment that I feel great about. The facility is beautiful and the people are wonderful! If you need implants, this is the place. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Dental Implants

"10* years ago I was having pain w/ a tooth that was not savable, Dr. Bramanti offered me a solution that could last a lifetime., I had an extraction, bone graft w/ an implant replacement & have enjoyed the implant ever since. It's like having my original tooth back. Thank you for your expertise & willingness to help me restore my health."
"He truly is as good as it gets for pariadontic work. I cracked a tooth and he handled the extraction, bone graft for the implant and install of the new post. It takes about 6 months for the whole process but the way his office operates is impeccable. He also calls personally to make sure the process is going well and if there are any problems or concerns they'll fit you in right away. The price of admission is steep and they don't take insurance, but I really felt that in this case you get what you pay for and didn't want to price shop."
"This is my second implant with Dr. Bramante. From the moment I arrived, his staff was personable and most enjoyable. Dr. Bramante is first of all an excellent dentist....he is an expert with dental implants. Secondly he is a good and caring man. I know I am in excellent hands when in his care! Excellence and compassion....does it get any better?"
"Best periodontist ever with great implant services!!!"
"Dr. Bramanti is a true blessing for anyone needing an implant. He is kind, answers all questions, is incredibly knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. He actually even calls in the evening after a procedure to see that you are doing well. He is absolutely the best! As for his office staff they greet you by name with warm and friendly kindness. I have always been frightened by dental appointments due to terrible childhood experiences with my dentist. With Dr. Bramanti I look forward to my appointments because I feel safe in his competent hands."
"I was amazed at my experience with Dr. B and his staff. They helped me understand my health concerns in a new way that allowed me to make the best choice for my situation. No office has ever spent as much time caring and helping me to make a decision before. The bite treatment and implant procedures were outstanding and painless. Dr. B and his staff even prayed over me before the surgery. The care after the procedure was excellent with Dr. B even calling me at home later to see if I was doing well- very professional! If you need dental implants or if you are uncertain about what is best for you this is the office that will help you. I tell all my friends about how well I was treated. I love my new implants and my new bite. Thank you Dr. B for your personal care and excellent skills!"
"Has completed on 14,000 implants. Professional, cares about his patients. You won't go wrong seeing Dr. Bramanti."

Implant Dentures

"My teeth have always been a problem and an embarrassment. I finally took the plunge and decided to invest in dental implants. I was worried about the cost and whether the new teeth would last or be a problem later. Dr. Bramanti helped me understand the implant treatment process, how we could make it affordable and durable, and he reassured me the treatment would hold up for the rest of my life. I have had my new teeth and smile now for over 15 years and I have had no problems with my implants. Dr. Bramanti is a master at his craft. He delivers a result you can count on. If you are wanting implant teeth, I would only recommend Dr. Bramanti. He is the best implant dentist in Fresno."
"My teeth were always a problem and I was tired of unending dental treatment. Dr. Bramanti helped me to choose a path that freed me from dentistry by giving me implant teeth. I am very happy with my new teeth and now have a confident smile and feel much healthier. Dr. Bramanti is the best implant dentist around. He is kind, attentive and always concerned for my comfort. If you are looking for dental implants, look no further. I highly recommend Dr. Bramanti and his outstanding warm staff. They make you feel like family."
"I was always embarrassed by my teeth and smile until Dr. Bramanti helped me to have a beautiful smile at last. He helped me with implant treatment and teeth that are permanent and easy to clean. They look natural and beautiful, and all my family and friends love my new smile. I thank the office staff and the doctor for treating me with kindness and always being thoughtful toward my needs and concerns. You can’t find a better office and team for dental implants."
"I went to several dentists before finding Dr. Bramanti. He helped me clearly understand my treatment options and showed me a path to teeth that I could afford. I felt most confident with Dr. B due to his experience and specialized training in implants. I love my new teeth and I can eat whatever I desire. I highly recommend Dr. B and his team as they deliver a result you can count on and enjoy. Their tender kindness to me was a great comfort and blessing. Thank you!"
"Dr. Bramanti altered the course of my struggles with ugly teeth by bringing to life the smile I always wanted. The implant treatment was well planned and the adjustment to the new teeth was easy. His staff and team were kind, gentle and always helpful. Thank you all for giving me what I always wanted."


"Dr. Bramanti is the best Dr. I’ve ever met! A devout Christian and a kind and caring soul! I suffer from severe migraines due to bruxism. Dr. Bramanti created a custom-made splint that has helped in reducing the severity and may eventually eliminate the migraines someday resulting in far fewer trips to the ER for a shot as I often had to resort to. His staff is so amazing - they feel like family! I’m so honored to have had my splint made by the best periodontist around! I know I’m in good hands here and will come here for anything and everything the future and my finances allow. If you’re looking for a periodontist and concerned of who to choose to spend your hard earned money then look no further. You won’t find a more honest, reputable, and skilled periodontist than Dr. Bramanti!!"
"Today I finished a difficult two year journey of having my misaligned painful jaw issues addressed and successfully fixed with the help of my incredible dentist, Dr. Claudia Trujillo, and equally incredible jaw specialist, Dr. Thomas Bramanti. After having four of my teeth pulled by Dr. Bramanti, I had all the rest of my teeth crowned by my dentist and then my jaw was systematically realigned by Dr. Bramanti. His office is family run; they are respectful, kind and have always treated me gently and with dignity. Dr. Bramanti is a master at his craft and I highly recommend him to anyone who is having jaw issues."
"So many times when I turn my head while driving or talk to someone, I think of you and how you changed my life. I thought a headache or neck pain was going to be a part of my life until I went to be with the Lord. Sometimes I need to pinch myself when I go to bed or wake up without pain. Thank you for sharing your "gift" and for giving me hope and encouragement during my TMJ treatment. I thank God for you, Jai and Carl and the blessing you've been to me. Praying God's blessings on you and your family."

Second Opinion

"I was told by my dentist I may need a root canal. I decided to get a second opinion from another professional. I found Dr. Bramanti via google search for affordable dental implants. I set up an appointment for a consultation to have a one on one sit down with Dr. Bramanti. He was very kind, descriptive, and gave me enough information to make the decision to get my tooth extracted. After some time I recovered and came back for an implant. I was really satisfied with Dr. Bramant’s work."
"I went to several dentists to find out what was possible for me with dental implants. Only Dr. Bramanti was able to help me clearly see my options and he recommended treatment that aligned with my vision and desire for teeth. Be sure and see Dr. B before you decide on implants. He is very patient and kind and his expertise is amazing. I am very grateful for his help and I am enjoying my new teeth."
"I had an implant placed by a dentist and it failed a year later. I sought Dr. Bramanti for help due to his experience and expertise. He rebuilt my bone and placed an implant in the failed area. I have been happy with the result as it has now been 7 years since it was placed. Don’t hesitate to seek out the expertise and skill of Dr. Bramanti."

Bone Grafting

"I lost my teeth at a young age, and I always wanted my teeth back. I was told I didn’t have enough bone for implants. Dr. Bramanti assured me he could grow back my bone and give implant teeth instead of dentures. The result is stunning, and I am very grateful. My teeth are natural feeling and look beautiful. Dr. Bramanti is the best ever!"
"I injured my jaw and lost my front teeth and bone. After seeing several doctors, only Dr. Bramanti offered to rebuild my jaw and provide implants. The result is amazing, and my smile is beautiful again. I am so blessed to have found Dr. Bramanti! Thank you."
"Dr. Bramanti used amazing technology to plan, bone graft and precisely place my implants. My whole life I wanted my missing front teeth replaced so I could fully smile. I love my new teeth and I now smile from ear to ear. Thank you Dr. B!"

Gum Grafting

"Dr. Bramanti is the best periodontist in Fresno! He grew back my receding gums. I had been so embarrassed every time I smiled but now I can’t stop smiling! The gum color is perfectly matched and even across my high smile. I hardly had any discomfort in the process. Thank you for your outstanding skills that have changed my life."
"Dr. Bramanti was highly recommended by my best friend, and after undergoing a gum grafting procedure, I am truly delighted with the results. The recovery was easy. The office staff provided an outstanding proficiency in all aspects of my care. Jai and Carl were not only kind but also very professional. I look forward to returning for future treatments on additional teeth. I highly recommend this office to all my friends and family. Thank you for your terrific service! You are a great blessing."
"I had gum grafting by a dentist but it didn’t take. I had heard Dr. Bramanti was the best at gum grafts so I went to see him. He went over the process and explained what most likely went wrong the first time. He grew back my gums and now they look great. The staff was so helpful and kind and the Dr. even called to check up on me. I am so grateful. I wish I had seen him first. His knowledge and talents are extraordinary. If you need gum grafts, this is the only doctor to go to."
"It doesn’t get any better than the experience and results provided by Dr. Bramanti and his staff. He corrected my receded gums with ease and my recovery was uneventful with no pain or bleeding. The staff was gentle, attentive and tender to me. I highly recommend this office for anyone seeking to grow back their gums. He is gifted in his ability to replace your lost gum tissues. Thank you for a beautiful result!"