Jaw Pain

Does bad posture cause jaw pain or TMJ?

Surprisingly, the connection between your posture and your jaw can be a cause of TMJ! TMJ is a multi-factorial disorder of the temporomandibular joints. Those joints allow jaw movement and daily jaw function like chewing, yawning, and talking. The most common TMJ symptoms can be jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, facial pain, ear ringing and a loss of normal daily jaw function. The biggest problem is that TMJ is related to a misaligned bite or some other dental issues that affect the positioning of your jaws.

Now you would think that anything to do with the jaw would be limited to the head. But guess what? You are not just a head. You are a head, connected to a neck, connected to a torso, and some assortment of limbs.

Whatever happens with the bite and the TMJ will affect the rest of your body. This means you can have problems from TEETH to TOES! Not only can teeth affect muscles and alignment throughout your body, your body alignment and function can affect how your jaw works.

You probably think you have a great posture. And you may. But having good posture is not just about sitting and standing up straight. Many of us have a forward head posture, one shoulder lower than the other, one of our feet splaying out while the other is straight. These signs are all indications that the body is under some form of strain and must accommodate this strain in order to function during the day. All this body strain adds up and before you know it, you are having posture and TMJ problems.

Why is poor posture a bad thing?

Poor posture can cause your muscles to have to work harder and lead to fatigue and even pain. When poor posture becomes a habit, you may feel discomfort if you try to straighten up. Many people see this as a reason to maintain their normal posture, but if you have a habitual posture problem, your muscles cannot get rid of the postural issues till the actual cause of the postural issues is dealt with. Guess what? That problem can be related to your bite and jaws.

How pain can throw off your posture?

When you have chronic pain, you tend to position yourself in any way that gives you relief. This often means choosing comfort over good posture. You tend to collapse inwards. Your shoulders roll forward, the head and neck sit forward of the body, the back curves, the hips rotate, and the feet splay. You do this all because all these actions tend to help you breathe better.

It is often related to finding a body posture that facilitates a more relaxed breath. Your next breath is the most important thing in your life because if you cannot breathe … well that is why it is important. And that is why it is all related to your jaws, head, and neck. It is all a big circle of cause and effect.

So what do you do?

Get help for your jaws and your posture!

Have a comprehensive dental examination to determine if you have a TMJ disorder that affects your posture. Contact Dr. Bramanti today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your TMJ disorder and how TMJ treatment could help.

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