All-On-3 (Full Mouth Dental Implant Dentures)

All-On-3 (Lower Jaw Only)

Similar to All-On-4 Dental Implants, All-On-3 Dental Implants involve placing three dental implants into the jawbone to support a full arch of natural looking teeth. The All-On-3 method is best for patients with limited bone volume but are still looking for excellent stability and functionality. This procedure requires strong dense bone which is primarily found in the lower jaw.

All-On-3 Denture Implant Procedure

All-On-3 dental implants are a revolutionary restoration technique for replacing multiple missing teeth. This advanced procedure offers patients an alternative to traditional dentures, tooth-supported bridges, and single tooth dental implants. All-On-3 Dental Implant treatments provide superior strength and stability while still allowing patients to maintain their natural sense of facial esthetics.

What Are All-On-3 Dental Implants?

All-On-3 Dental Implants are a breakthrough restoration system that use three strategically placed, titanium posts to replace multiple missing teeth in the same lower arch. Each dental implant is carefully planned and placed so that it attaches securely to both your jawbone and gum tissue creating an exceptionally strong foundation for replacement teeth.

All-On-3 Dental Implants vs. All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-On-3 Dental Implants are a great alternative to traditional All-On-4 Dental Implants. All-On-4 Dental Implants are designed to replace an entire row of teeth with just four posts while All-On-3 Dental Implants require just three posts to provide a comparable level of support.

The main advantage of All-On-3 Dental Implants is that they can be placed easily in just one visit. This means that patients can enjoy their restored smiles sooner and with less disruption to their daily routines. In addition, All-On-3 Dental Implants require fewer posts than All-On-4, thereby reducing the amount of bone and tissue preparation needed for successful results and providing greater comfort and affordability.

An Innovation in Fresno

Trefoil™ All-On-3 Dental Implants are a great innovation that brings new efficiencies at almost every step – from the manufacture of components to the definitive restoration. The Trefoil™ system offers reduced chair time and shorter time-to-teeth compared to conventional treatment by combining:

  • A pre-manufactured titanium bar
  • A simplified restorative workflow
  • A fixed and definitive acrylic prosthesis
  • Reduced restorative componentry

Take advantage of this modern dental implant technology which can restore your quality of life with teeth that are strong and that look and feel natural.

How Does All-On-3 Dental Implant Placement Work?

The All-On-3 dental implant procedure is minimally invasive and typically requires only one surgical visit. During the procedure, Dr. Bramanti will have made precise measurements to determine the best locations for dental  implant placement and will utilize a customized positioning guide for accurate placement.

Once the implants are placed, osseointegration will take 2 months to allow the dental implants to bond securely with your jawbone. After your mouth has healed, replacement teeth will be securely attached to the dental implants.

All-on-3 Dental Implants by Affordable Dental Implant Excellence

Dr. Bramanti specializes in providing his patients with the most advanced dental implant solutions available. Dr. Bramant is dedicated to providing outstanding care and will ensure your All-On-3 dental implant system procedure is a success. If you are interested in learning more about All-On-3 dental implants, contact Dr. Bramanti today at 559-438-7800 to schedule your personalized consultation. You are invited to come and discover the dental implant possibilities available for you. Dr. Bramanti will help you find the treatment path that is most beneficial and affordable for you.

All-On-3 Full Mouth Dental Implant Dentures are an outstanding choice for full arch dental implant restorations. The full mouth dental implant denture appliance feels and looks like natural teeth offering full arch coverage, easy cleanability, stable function, and a beautiful natural smile.

Dr. Bramanti is highly skilled at planning and delivering a superb dental implant result that lasts. Rest assured the investment in your health with Dr. Bramanti will result in a lifetime of function and enjoyment and liberate you from continual dental problems and dentistry. Peace of mind and solid health are the results!

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