Thomas E. Bramanti, D.D.S., Ph.D., is a Board-Certified TMJ Expert.

Unbalanced posture that may cause back pain can also affect the head and neck alignment and even the way the teeth fit together.

Standing, walking or sitting in an uneven position can cause the jaw muscles to be unbalanced – the TMJ disc and muscle structures may experience signs of stress, including pain, swelling and discomfort.

Because the jaw muscles work with other head and neck muscles, symptoms of jaw distress may surface in the head, neck, shoulders. Neck pain symptoms can be a common sign of an uneven and imbalanced bite, causing TMD as the neck muscles become overworked and fatigued trying to balance the head posture being thrown off by stressed/fatigued bite muscles.

How can you relieve my pain?

As a Board-Certified TMJ Dental Specialist, Dr. Bramanti can evaluate your condition and assess problems in the bite and posture systems to provide orthopedic rehabilitation and support.

Dr. Bramanti provides interdisciplinary TMJ care with additional health professionals when indicated, to help provide the best bite at the best head/neck alignment.

Dr. Bramanti provides unmatched TMJ pain relief due to his extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Once the bite realigns, pain in many areas of the body may disappear. Call Dr. Bramanti today to schedule a consultation at 559-438-7800 if you think you have a TMJ Disorder problem.

Learn how relieving neck, shoulder, and back pain can improve your well- being so you may regain your health and comfort. Serious issues prevented by treating TMJ disorders early is important for your long-term health and TMJ Neck pain.

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