Second Opinions

Second Opinions

When it comes to your health or that of anyone in your family, you should consider seeking a second opinion regarding recommended treatment. If a dentist has recommended dental work that you are unsure of, getting a second opinion with a Board-Certified Periodontist and Dental Implant Specialist will educate you as well as help to assure you are making the right choice. When it comes to something as important as you or your family, you should always feel confident in the doctor and staff where you receive your care.

All dentists have unique training, and perspectives. Seeing a Board-Certified Specialist in addition to your general dentist may be beneficial  — Dr. Bramanti will have more experience in diagnosing and treating problems like yours. Consulting an Expert Specialist in the area of your concern can certainly be advantageous to receiving the best possible care available to you. Dr. Bramanti will offer you expertise in both diagnosis, and treatment. Even if your second opinion just confirms what you already know, it can still be beneficial. 

Afterward, you will know that you have done everything you can to ensure that you have the correct diagnosis and a treatment plan that feels right to you. A second opinion can also offer insight into additional treatment options that the first doctor may not have mentioned or is incapable of offering. As a result, you become more informed about what is available to you and can make an informed decision about your health care and your treatment plan.

When to Get a Second Opinion

You should consider having a second weigh in on your dental concerns if your dentist has diagnosed a major problem, such as:

  • The need to remove all your teeth and replace them with implants
  • Dental implant placement and bone grafting
  • Dental treatment that keeps failing and needs continual replacement
  • Suspicious oral lesions or uncertainty about mouth pain and swelling
  • Invasive gum disease treatments
  • Unexplained gum recession
  • TMJ disorders
  • An unstable bite

You should ALSO consider having a second dental health professional consultation if:

  • You have had dental work that is not fixing your problem.
  • You are unsure if the recommended treatment is necessary.
  • You feel that your dentist is not qualified to treat your dental health problem.
  • You don’t have good rapport with your current dentist or are new to the dentist.
  • You haven’t been given a satisfactory reason about how your condition occurred.
  • The dentist avoids or refuses to address the results of your treatment and concerns.
  • You believe you have been harmed by the dental treatment you received.​​

Dr. Bramanti has consulted over the last 30 years as an Expert Witness in legal actions arising from dental complaints providing expert opinion regarding various clinical conditions, the appropriateness of the treatment and whether the standard of care has been followed. If you believe you have been harmed or feel the treatment you have received is improper, Dr. Bramanti’s clinical expertise will help you understand the implications and appropriateness of your treatment results.