Dental Implant Digital Planning

Dental Implant Digital Planning

3D Imaging And Treatment Planning

Experienced Board-Certified Dental Implant Expert Specialists, like Dr. Bramanti, do not place dental implants without proper dental imaging. Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) imaging accurately identifies and assesses existing bone volume. This state-of-the-art, highly precise 3D digital imaging and implant surgical planning software have made dental implant procedures faster, more precise and highly predictable.

Your Board-Certified Dental Implant Expert can use these planning tools to analyze the anatomy of your jaw and determine the best sites, depth, and angulation for successful dental implants before placement. CBCT-scan imaging allows Dr. Bramanti to precisely plan and virtually simulate the implant placement. This approach to dental implant planning removes guesswork, results in precise dental implant positioning, saves time and money, and shortens recovery time.

​This advanced digital approach permits 3D site planning for bioengineering of bone and gum tissues. This includes bone grafting for sinuses (see below) and deficient bony ridges or bony deformities (see below). CBCT planning determines all possibilities for proper implant positioning, precise alignment, and improves the surgical approach from a “mental navigation” to a virtual simulation.

“I am so happy with my new teeth. I can eat hard foods again. Dr. Bramanti helped me to understand the treatment process and he made it affordable for me. He performed the implant treatment without any pain or bruising. He was very gentle and kind. Thank you for my wonderful teeth. You are the best doctor I have ever visited.”

Kevin V.

CBCT-Rendered Dental Implant Positioning Guide

Precise dental implant placement is achieved using planning software combining the CBCT data with a digital scan of the proposed position of the final teeth determined by a dental wax-up, or imaging denture. Using computer produced digital stereolithographic printed guides, Dr. Bramanti is able to precisely place the dental implant into position with accurate angulation for outstanding success and the best long-term result.

Be assured

  • You will always receive the highest quality care and treatment.
  • You will always have access to appropriate, state-of-the-art advances in dental service, dental imaging, and the latest advances in dental implant therapy.
  • Dr. Bramanti will provide you with a thorough understanding of your current condition, how you ended up there, the treatment possibilities that are aligned with and meet your health goals, and the implications of the treatment decisions available to you.
  • You will always have the time and place to voice your thoughts and concerns – and Dr. Bramanti will do his absolute best to ensure your concerns are answered in a timely and compassionate manner.
  • You are the reason this practice exists. Dr. Bramanti’s primary goal is to help you make an informed and affordable decision that supports your well-being and comfort.

CBCT-rendered dental implant positioning guides eliminate “surgical tourism” and improper dental implant angulation, thereby permitting the Board-Certified Dental Implant Expert to accurately deliver the dental implant into the ideal position for an optimal result.

“Dr. Bramanti used amazing technology to plan, bone graft and precisely place my implants. My whole life I wanted my missing front teeth replaced so I could fully smile. I love my new teeth and I now smile from ear to ear. Thank you Dr. B!”

Melissa J.

CBCT Digital Planning for Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants are the most complex and demanding tooth replacement option. Choose a Board-Certified Dental Implant Expert with the training, experience and skills necessary to guide you through this treatment process with confidence. CBCT Digital Planning is the essential element to deliver a successful result with precise delivery. The result,  teeth that look and feel natural bringing comfort, improved function and lifelong satisfaction.


All-on-X is an alternative to placing a top and/or bottom set of replacement teeth, called a full arch or full mouth dental implant denture. Usually four to six dental implants are placed in available bone, sometimes without the need for bone grafting. Special abutments are used so that a temporary set of replacement teeth can be placed the same day or a few days later. You follow a modified diet while the gum tissues heal and the implants bond with your natural bone. After about six months, the permanent replacement teeth will be placed, and you can resume a regular diet.

Immediate Load Dental Implants

Also called “Same Day Implants” or “Teeth in a Day,” immediate load dental implants allow placement of a temporary tooth or temporary implant-supported denture during the same appointment as your dental implant placement. This may be an option if you have enough natural bone and a dental implant secure enough to support immediate placement and load and the bite does not cause too much pressure on the new temporary tooth or dental implant denture appliance.

Discover Dental Implant Solutions That Meet Your Needs And Improve Your Health

If you need affordable, high-quality dental implant treatment in Fresno and throughout the Central Valley, Dr. Bramanti is your premier option. If you have been informed that you do not have sufficient bone for dental implants, rest assured Dr. Bramanti has the knowledge and skills necessary to grow back your bone. He can offer you innovative treatment solutions to solve your concerns and restore the bony anatomy to a natural and healthy condition. The dental implant solutions offered by Dr. Bramanti are customized to address your unique dental needs and improve your dental health. Find out why over 10,000 patients in the Central Valley trust Dr. Bramanti as their Dental Implant Expert.

Benefits of CBCT Digital Planning

  • Recognizes and minimizes risks and potential complications in advance.
  • Defines in 3-dimensions the esthetic and functional demands for implants.
  • Identifies and reduces potential surgical risks and complications.
  • Results in accurate predictable results that are stable over time.
  • Final esthetic results are significantly improved providing a natural beauty.

Dr. Bramanti has pioneered CT imaging usage in Fresno in combination with dental implant planning software since 1995. His command of the digital workflow and experience in dental implant planning over the last 28 years, is unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will be able to make a more confident treatment decision regarding your bone graft and/or dental implant needs after Dr. Bramanti reviews with you his digital virtual planning and recommendations for an affordable dental implant solution.

You are the reason this practice exists

Dr. Bramanti’s primary goal will always
be your well-being and comfort.

Delivering the highest quality dentistry in a caring, compassionate environment is Dr. Bramanti’s primary approach to health. His attention to the smallest details takes time and effort. It is his belief that you are entitled to optimal dental health and the advanced care that only time, effort, and attention to detail can provide.