All-On-4 (Full Mouth Dental Implant Dentures)

What Are All-On-4 Full Mouth Dental Implant Dentures?

All-On-4 Full Mouth Dental Implant Dentures are great for replacing the top or bottom teeth as well as the whole mouth. Instead of living with the discomfort and hassle of denture plates that move around, you can have a beautiful smile that functions and looks like you have natural teeth.

If you’re missing all of your teeth, full mouth dental implant dentures with All-On-4 can be an excellent choice to replace your existing denture plates or failing teeth. All-On-4 dental implant dentures are a popular option for full mouth dental implants. It involves placing four dental implants in the jawbone, which serve as anchors to support a full arch of teeth. Four dental implants offer a secure attachment and broad distribution of underlying support in the jawbone.

Good bone density and health are required for the success of this approach. All-On-4 does not always require extensive dental bone grafting and the process only requires the use just four dental implants per jaw (upper or lower), providing greater affordability. This approach also allows fixed teeth to be attached the very same day or shortly thereafter. Because this is a simpler process than conventional full mouth implants, it is also more affordable.

Since only a few dental implants are holding an entire arch, it is very important to use high quality dental implants for this procedure.

All-On-4 Full Mouth Dental Implant Dentures are an outstanding choice for full arch dental implant restorations. The full mouth dental implant denture appliance feels and looks like natural teeth offering full arch coverage, easy cleanability, stable function, and a beautiful natural smile.

Dr. Bramanti is highly skilled at planning and delivering a superb dental implant result that lasts. Rest assured the investment in your health with Dr. Bramanti will result in a lifetime of function and enjoyment and liberate you from continual dental problems and dentistry. Peace of mind and solid health are the results!

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