Results & Success Stories

Exceptional Periodontal Results

Dr. Bramanti has performed thousands of dental implants and periodontal procedures over 37 years and perfected his skills to bring his patients remarkable results that you can rely on. Dr. Bramanti seeks to provide the best evidence-based dental implant and periodontal therapies to his patients utilizing proven techniques and state of the art technologies.

Control of gum disease and regeneration of lost bone on teeth are firmly in Dr. Bramanti’s grasp and abilities to save teeth and restore gum health. Dr. Bramanti is an expert at replacing lost gum tissues on teeth. His advanced training, extensive experience and meticulous approach to micro-suturing provide a natural look and feel to the newly regenerated soft tissues.

TMJ Relief

Dr. Bramanti is the recognized expert in the Central Valley for treatment of TMJ Disorders. He provides complete diagnosis and relief for all types of TMJ dysfunction, muscle and facial pain, and amazing headache relief.

Dr. Bramanti is uniquely trained at the prestigious L.D. Pankey Institute to diagnose and treat a wide variety of TMJ Disorders, headaches and migraines, facial pain and postural changes. His expertise encompasses routine and advanced scopes of therapies to bring pain relief and health to your condition. He has brought relief to thousands of suffering patients with TMJ and Migraines, providing unsurpassed success in helping people live pain-free.

Dr. Bramanti makes it his priority to ensure that you are fully informed, have been given the full spectrum of treatment choices, and that you understand your treatment plan and follow-up care. Dr. Bramanti will outline all the treatment options available in a way that you can understand, and take the time necessary to answer any questions so you can make your TMJ treatment decisions with confidence. His focus is on clarity of understanding your condition and treatment paths bringing you peace of mind. From your initial consultation to follow-up, Dr. Bramanti is dedicated to your comfort and care.

Dental implant placement reconstituting the natural smile demonstrating reliable stability over 18 years.

3D CT-rendering of advanced bone grafting of severe esthetic ridge deficiency completely regenerated and restored with implants.

3D CT-rendering of a completely resorbed bone ridge from denture wear showing Dr. Bramanti is able to regenerate the lost bone with robust results to permit implants.